Engineering & Fabrication

SIDDCO Group has decided to diversify its portfolio by entering into the engineering and fabrication market. The vision of the Group for this division is to excel in engineering and fabrication for various industries and create value for our local and international client base in various plants and locations. In order to achieve this diversification, SIDDCO Group is forming iNGENIUM Ltd., which shall enable the Group to tap into potentially viable markets and industries around the globe, while taking advantage of the boom in the oil & gas market, and raising the bar of excellence like every other business it has ventured into.

The facility shall provide services to local & international clientele providing the perfect arena for import substitution while satiating the needs of the regional off takers.

The main segments this division will venture into are:

Oil & Gas


Power & Energy

Automotive Industry

Machinery Manufacturing

Precision Engineering

Civil Structures

and eventually Aviation