Siddco Group’s strength lies in its diversified businesses that cater to a wide variety of local and international client base, a competent management team, and a highly skilled and proficient technical team. Round the clock services provided due to the strategic location of our companies and their technological prowess also contribute to our strength.

Bulk Liquid Terminals

  • Empire Terminals is a Class-1 storage facility for low flashpoint products
  • Empire Terminals is linked to two ports, and has 4 import / export pipelines each from 7m and 14m draft port of stainless and mild steel
  • Empire Terminals ship loading capacity is upto 500m³ per hour.
  • Siddco Petrochemicals Solutions provides logistics and product blending solutions to Petroleum & Chemical segments for products of high & low flash points.
  • Siddco Petrochemicals Solutions has three tanks with heating coils and insulation for product heating via steam in storage tanks and steam provision is made for ISO-tanks heating prior to offloading.
  • Siddco Petrochemicals Solutions boasts drum filling, storage & handling up to 36,000 units at any given point of time with 3,300 sqm

Plastic & Polymers

  • Siddco Plastics Industries is vertically integrated and offers complete solutions for its clients by providing manufacturing, decoration, packaging and logistics services of bottles and caps
  • Siddco Plastics Industries boasts ten state of the art High Speed TECHNE Blow Molding Machines capable of producing 80 million bottles per annum.
  • Siddco Plastics Industries enjoys technical and commercial assistance of Graham Packaging – the largest blow molding company in the world.
  • Siddco Polypack is a state of the art Sales & Distribution center for plastics spread over an area of 5,000m2.

Trade & Marketing

  • Siddco Energy mainly focuses in representations & trading and distribution of petrochemicals and oil & gas equipment in UAE & Oman and has acquired well reputed agencies who are market leaders in Oil & Gas Technologies.
  • Siddco Energy is in the process of representing various multinational refineries to market and sell Group-II and Group-III base oil in GCC and neighboring countries.

Engineering & Fabrication

  • iNGENIUM LLC is a state of the art engineering and fabrication facility with precision machinery from Italy.
  • iNGENIUM has the capability to design and manufacture storage tanks, complex heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other high pressure equipment.