At SIDDCO Group, we believe in giving back to the environment and our community. Our employees form the backbone of our organization, and along with our various stakeholders, are integral to our mutual growth and success.

Sustainable Energy

Our manufacturing unit SIDDCO Plastics Industries is an environment-friendly facility, focusing on minimizing our carbon footprint. Keeping the aforementioned in mind, we have invested in the latest Italian and French machinery for our blow molding and printing divisions, which provide full performance on low electricity consumption, in alignment with our energy standards.

Social Responsibility

SIDDCO Group has a strict ethical policy, and we conduct our business with the highest standards of morals and ethics. We believe in employee growth and retention along with offering reasonable benefits, as employees are the backbone of any organization. Our employees believe in returning to the community, and volunteer for various beneficial causes.

Environmental Sustainability

We are an ISO 14001 certified company and believe in minimizing and reducing waste during our day-to-day operations. At SIDDCO Plastics, we ensure re-usage of all plastic waste materials through our in-line regrinding systems. Our terminals are 100% environment friendly equipped with “Radar Gauge” systems. Our policies comply with the highest environment protection standards, and ensure mitigation of major risks and hazards to the environment.


Being an ISO 18001 certified company, we believe in providing a safe working environment for the health and well-being of all our employees. Considering our round the clock operations, we ensure availability of first-aid trained staff 24 hours a day. We believe in creating safety awareness by providing routine training sessions to all our employees.

Economic Sustainability

We believe in creating value for all our stakeholders; but it is more important for us to realize the benefits that lead to creation of that value. We believe in economic growth of our employees and our customers. In today’s market, the concept “value for money” has become obsolete, and very few companies actually follow it. We value your business and your interests in our portfolios, and strive to cater your needs.