Bulk Liquid Terminals

The Group commenced its first project in the Terminals sector in 2006 with United Oil Supply Company Limited having 7 tanks totaling 14,000.m³. Since then, the Group has carved a unique market niche in Terminals by constructing Class-1 terminals (Empire Terminals FY-2009) capable of storing sophisticated chemicals. Further, the 8 import & export pipelines from 7m and 14m draft ports are capable of servicing diversified parcels of cargoes up to 75,000 MT.

To date, the Group has a combined storage capacity of 73,511 m³ with a total of 27 tanks, a remarkable 425% growth in 8 years. The above synergies in the form of Capacity, Pipelines and Diversity of cargoes yield the Group a distinct strategic business advantage in the Terminal sector.

In line with steady growth of the Group, the Terminals & Energy sector is earmarked for expansion & diversification.