About Us

SIDDCO Group – the Holding and Management entity of various group companies was formally established in January, 2012 and is located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The various Group companies, however, have been in operation since 2006 under a common umbrella. In a short span of barely 8 years, SIDDCO Group has made a substantial impact in the following segments:

  • Bulk Liquid Terminals
    The Group commenced its first project in the Terminals sector in 2006 having 7 tanks totaling 14,000.m³ capacity. Since then, the Group has carved a unique market niche in Terminals by constructing Class-1 terminals capable of storing sophisticated chemicals. Further, the 4 import & export pipelines from 7m and 14m draft ports are capable of servicing diversified parcels of cargoes up to 75,000 MT. To date, the Group has a combined storage capacity of 73,511 m³ with a total of 27 tanks, a remarkable 425% growth in 8 years.
  • Plastic and Polymers
    Established in 2009, SIDDCO plastics based on technological ability and intelligence, is delivering superior products to high end customers and aims at providing excellence through plastics ingenuity. With a production capacity of 80 million bottles per annum, SPL is the largest HDPE bottle manufacturing facility in the UAE, equipped with an environmentally controlled facility that spreads over an area of 200,000 ft2.
  • Trade & Marketing
    The division has indulged in Trade Facilitation since 2012. However, till 2016 it had been operating based on strict need of our Group’s customer base. In 2019, the company comprehensively extends its Trading & Trade Facilitation horizons into various Petroleum Products, Chemicals, IT & Electronics, and Food & Agriculture.
  • Engineering & Fabrication
    SIDDCO Group is forming iNGENIUM Ltd., which shall enable the Group to tap into potentially viable markets and industries around the globe, while taking advantage of the boom in the oil & gas market, and raising the bar of excellence like every other business it has ventured into.

Not to be content, the Group Management pro-actively identifies new opportunities in order to elevate the Group to the next level, the Management is keen to explore new ventures in trading in Petrochemicals, Engineering & Fabrication Facilities. Furthermore, the Group is keen to expand its manufacturing businesses internationally in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Houston, USA mainly in Oil & Gas sector.