Empire Terminals Ltd.

Acquired in 2008 and located at Hamriyah Free Zone Port, Sharjah, the Empire Terminals is a “Class-1” certified facility indulged in providing logistics solutions to the regional Petroleum & Chemicals segment for low flash point, flammable products.

With 18 tanks of various sizes equipped with internal floating roofs, the total storage capacity is 51,388 m³ with 4 import / export pipelines each from 7m and 14m draft port of stainless and mild steel and 500 m³ per hour ship loading capacity.

The company also provides collateral management facility to various international banks.

Import & Export Piping System

Empire Terminals is connected to both Inner harbor (Draft 7.0 M) and Deep Harbour (Draft 14.0 M). At the Inner Harbour, our jetty is located at Berth No. 1 with one bunkering pit accommodating two pipelines. The bunkering pit has two connections i.e., 8” diameter M.S. pipeline and 6” diameter S.S. pipelines.

At the Deep Harbour, we have one dedicated bunkering pit accommodating connection to one MS 12” pipeline and one 8” S.S. pipeline making two pipeline connections to the terminal to off-load/load multiple products.